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The Castle in Transylvania Fund

The Castle in Transylvania Fund was established in 2016 by PONT Group, within the Castle in Transylvania program. Through various campaigns, the Fund aims to provide funding to support the activity of the Castle in Transylvania Coalition and Castle in Transylvania Community. The first campaign of the Castle in Transylvania Fund started in the spring of 2017, by launching the Castle in Transylvania webshop, where unique creations and gift items of Transylvanian designers are available for purchase, with which the customer shall support the Fund.

Designers were asked to make associations with the concept of ‘castles’ and use as inspiration the atmosphere and the characteristics of Transylvanian castles – for example, nostalgia, elegance, leisure, proximity to nature, historical eras, architectural styles, the garden of a castle, fairy tale, mirific garden, etc. In addition, we insisted that these products would be the creations of Transylvanian artists, and if possible, made of local, natural materials. Therefore, the goal is to promote the works of local artists as well as to promote local, sustainable solutions.

Shop in our webshop and support the Castle in Transylvania movement by each acquisition. Be part of the story of Transylvanian castles!