The Castle in Transylvania Coalition

The Castle in Transylvania Coalition was founded on 1 September 2016, as part of the Castle in Transylvania program. The coalition, made of castle owners and administrators, aims at undertaking the necessary preventive interventions to maintain the status quo and the revitalization of castles and manors which are part of the coalition.

Until April 2017, 30 members joined the coalition. All members agree upon the following principles as leading principles for the coalition: integrated communication, continuous exchange of experiences, common projects and continuous collaboration with experts.

The Castle in Transylvania Program

The Castle in Transylvania strategic program was launched in March 2015 by PONT Group. Over the past two years, with the help of experts, we have developed a trilingual development strategy, we have launched an also trilingual website and a mobile application, which contains valuable information about 300 castles and manors from Transylvania. Within two conferences, two interdisciplinary camps and several professional meetings, more than 70 experts, 400 conference participants and 70 young campers were directly involved in the work process.

The vision

The purpose of the Castle in Transylvania program is to develop a strategy
and a network that serves the sustainable long-term socio-economic development of Transylvanian castles and manors. All this is to be achieved by developing local and regional plans to attract alternative resources necessary for the restoration and revitalization of these historic buildings, by developing a network of experts, respectively by building a supportive community.

The Castle in Transylvania Community

The long-term goal of the Castle in Transylvania initiative is to create a community movement and a wide network that connects people and organizations from an economic, social, environmental and governmental point of view, and to create the necessary human, material, intellectual and physical resources in order to support the activities targeting the Transylvanian castles and manors. Currently, the Castle in Transylvania Community includes more than 70 experts, 400 conference participants, 70 young campers and the more than 20.000 Facebook followers.