Szentkereszty Castle, Arcuș
  • Function

    The castle is in good condition, it requires renovations and maintanance work though. The building does not have any function at the moment.
  • Contact information

    Address: ARCUŞ,nr. 493, Covasna County, Romania
  • Opening Times

    The castle is temporally closed for visitors.
  • Short history of the building

    The Castle of Arcuș is surrounded by an English park, where once typical garden structures were located, these are mostly known only from contemporary descriptions. The English park of Arcuș is over nine acres. The main element of the park is the large lake, located in the northwest-southeast direction, which also houses a bridge-accessible island. The castle suffered various transformations. First a smaller manor house was transformed into a single-storey little castle, then a magnificent residence combining neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance elements was built by the end of the 1890s. After 1945 the castle was nationalized – first it functioned as an orphanage, school, then it became the headquarters of the cooperative. After 1989 the Romanian Ministry of Culture took over the estate, and used it until 2015.
  • Access

    Arcuș is located at 6 km from Sfântu Gheorghe city. In Sfântu Gheorghe you need to look for county road nr. 121B in the direction of Valea Crișului. Following this road, after 5 km you need to turn left at the road bifurcation, and drive another km on the communal road nr. 31. The castle is located close to the entrance of the village, on the left side.
  • How do I get here?
  • Services

    The Center for European Studies, run by Covasna County Council, is located next to the castle and here there are several rooms to rent. There is no permanent kitchen here, but they provide food via catering services upon request. Furthermore, there are a few other guest houses in the village, and as mentioned earlier, the city of Sfântu Gheorghe is located only a few minutes driving distance, where there are plenty of hotels, guest houses at the guests' disposal.
  • Other things to visit

    Besides the Szentkereszty Castle, there are two other beautiful monument buildings in Arcuș: the Unitarian Fortified Church dated from the 13th century and the Protestant Church built in the 18th century. Outside the village, on the riverbank of Șugău River, the ruins of an old castle can still be seen today. Furthermore, we recommend you to visit not only the city of Sfântu Gheorghe with its famous theatres, museums and art galleries, but to take a short trip to the Saint Anna Lake, the Bálványos Resort, Băile Tușnad, or drive all the way up to Miercurea Ciuc and visit its famous museum hosted by the old Mikó Castle.
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