Sükösd-Bethlen Castle, Racoș
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    Address: Racoș, Main Street (str. Principală) nr. 137., Brașov County, Romania
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    The Sükösd-Bethlen Castle is in a semi-ruinous state, some of its parts are in precarious condition, therefore it can be visited only from the outside. Upon request, the inner garden of the castle can be visited as well.
  • Short history of the building

    The castle from Racoș is considered to be one of the historical monuments constructed in the time of the Principles Bethlen–Rákóczi, due to its four turrets located on the corners, being one of the early examples of turreted castles of Transylvania in the 17th century (the castle from Gilău was probably constructed on this pattern, the Bonțida Castle, built before the year of 1674, as well as the Castle from Ineu, built in the middle of the XVIIth century). The building, located in the central part of the village, has a rectangular ground plan and contains round turrets located at each of its corners. The southern part of the castle contains the arched entrance and once the inner courtyard was surrounded by the wings of the building. Today, the only buildings still standing at the inner side of the wall are the western wing and a part of the southern wing. In the time of Communism, the central axis of the northern gate was broken in order to allow the entrance of bigger agricultural machinery, the outer defense zone’s eastern hexagonal tower as well as the wall disappeared and the western tower was transformed into a residence. The renovation works from the early 1990s resulted the restoration of the Gate Tower building and its roof. Also at this time, the roof of the southern and eastern wings were remade and they were partially restored and the porch supported by Doric columns were also rebuilt. The castle – although it requires renovation and restoration works - attracts more and more visitors.
  • Access

    Racoș is located at 11 km from the E60 national road connecting Brașov and Sighișoara. If you are travelling from the direction of Brașov, please follow the national road untill Hoghiz, then turn right at the Racoș sign and continue on the county road nr 131. The easiest way to get to Racoș is by car, but there are regular local buses from both Brașov and Sighișoara to Racoș. The commune has a train station as well, so you could easily get here by train as well. Note: not all Intercity trains (running between Sighișoara and Brașov) stop at Racoș station.
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    In the vicinity of the castle there is a guest house called Anna House, which offers accommodation for 10 visitors. Close to Racoș, you can find accommodation in Rupea city or in the region of Baraolt, where there are several guest houses and hotels at your disposal. Both places are at about 20 km from Racoș.
  • Other things to visit

    In Racoș we recommend you to visit the Protestant Church dated to the 17th century and the Unitarian Church as well. Near the village, there you can find the ruins of two old forts. However, the village is most famous for its natural sites: the old volcanic crater and the basalt columns at the vicinity of Racoș attract thousands of tourists every year. At only 14 km from Racoș one can find Hoghiz, where we recommend you to visit the Haller-Kálnoky Castle and the Guthman Valenta Castle and three churches which are all national monuments. At around 20 km from Racoș, there is the well-known Fort of Rupea. In the opposite direction, also in roughly 20 km, you can get to the Baraolt Region, where there are numerous monument buildings we recommend you to visit, such as the Daniel Castle in Tălișoara, the Kálnoky Castle and the guest houses of Count Kálnoky in Micloșoara, the Boda Manor House in Filia, the guest houses of Prince Charles in Valea Zălanului or the „Elek Benedek” Memorial House in Bățanii Mici are all worth visiting.
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