Rákóczi-Bánffy Castle, Gilău
  • Contact information

    Address: Gilău, Main street (str. PRINCIPALĂ), ), Cluj County, Romania
  • Opening Times

    Currently the castle's garden is open to visitors only when it hosts some events (e.g. the "Várkert" (Castle's Garden) Festival, TIFF's Hungarian Day etc.).
  • Short history of the building

    The oldest part of the castle of Gilău - the bishop's residence -was built at the beginning of the XV.th century. Today's four-tower-style renaissance castle with regular ground plan was built around an ansamble of buildings containing  Gothic style elements. This castle was built between the years of 1530-40, by one of the last medieval Catholic bishops of Transylvania, János Statileo (John Statileo) (1528-1542). The most important transformation of the castle was registered in the time of I. Rákóczi György (1630-1648), who demolished the old buildings of the inner courtyard and created a cozy, representative castle: the gun loops were changed by windows and spacious, two-story vaulted rooms were built next to the castle walls. At the beginning of the 19th century, between the years of 1830-1840, the castle has gained its actual form, but in 1861, due to a fire, the castle was burnt down. The building was restored after 1871 and was nationalized during the time of communism. Between 1972 and 2002 the castle functioned as a School for children with disabilities.
  • Access

    The locality of Gilău is located on the road E60, between Cluj-Napoca and Oradea, at aproximately 20 km from Cluj-Napoca. The castle lies in the center of the village, in the middle of a beautiful large park.
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    The locality of Gilău, as well as its nearby aria offer plenty of accommodation possibilities, but those craving for the amazing feeling given by the city of Cluj-Napoca, have only 20 km to cover.
  • Other things to visit

    Besides the castle, the village also houses another beautiful historical monument, the Calvinist Church. The three lakes - Lake Gilău, Lake Someșul Cald and Lake Tarnița - are the most famous places to visit in this area, they are located at just 5 km away from the locality of Gilău. Cluj-Napoca is of course a must-see attraction for tourists visiting Gilău.
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