Kálnoky Castle, Hoghiz
  • Contact information

    Contact Person: Castle Association Hoghiz
    Address: Hoghiz, Fabricii Street nr. 75, Brașov County, Romania
  • Opening Times

    Currently, the castle is the residence of the Ugrai family (the owner of the castle), but can be visited on request.
  • Short history of the building

    The most famous owner of the castle was Kata Bethlen the Orphan, the spirited writer and the generous advocate of sciences, who used a lot of her fortune for charity. Kata Bethlen's (1700-1759) grand-daughter, Anna Haller, married György Kálnoky in 1838 and resided in the village until 1840. During their stay, they have renovated the building, probably this being the time when the name Kálnoky was stuck to the building. In 1892, through an auction, the building became the property of János Haller (1852-1928). In 1923, he was able to sell it successfully before the expropriation.
  • Access

    The easiest way to access the locality of Hoghiz is by car: from Brașov via the road E60, in the direction of Sighișoara, at 12 km from Rupea. The castle is located in the center of the village, at a distance of approximately 2 km from the national road, in the immediate vicinity of the Haller Manor.
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  • Services

    The nearest accommodation possibilities can be found in Racoş or Rupea.
  • Other things to visit

    The village has three churches, according to the three religions: Unitarian, Reformed and Orthodox. Near the Kálnoky Castle lies the Haller Manor, which currently functions as a school, as well as the Guthman Valenta Castle. At a distance of just 9 km from Hoghiz, lies the locality of Racoş, where tourists can visit the Sükösd-Bethlen Castle, as well as the recently renovated Rupea Castle, which is just 12 km away. In addition, the region „Erdővidék”, with its wonderful mansions, is just 20 km away, the Saxon region with fortified villages and churches, at about 30 km away, and the city of  Sighişoara at just 60 km away.
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