Gyulay Castle, Mintia
  • Contact information

    Contact Person: Péter and Éva Horváth-Tholdi
    Address: Mintia, King Mathias Street (str. Matei Corvin) nr. 191D, Hunyad megye
    Phone: +40 741056394, +40 741589012
  • Opening Times

    The castle can be visited upon request. For visiting, guidance and room reservation, please contact the owners by e-mail or phone.
  • Short history of the building

    Originally, the castle was built by Ferenc Gyulay in 1641 and transformed into today's Classicist style in 1834 by Lajos Gyulay. Thus, the building became the largest Classicist-style castle in Transylvania. In 1869, with the death of Lajos Gyulay, the castle was inherited by the Kuun family. Here lived and worked the famous scientist Géza Kuun, and after his death the castle was shortly owned by the Kemény family, then from 1909 it became the property of the Horváth-Tholdy family, from whom the Communist regime had nationalized the entire property. Finally, after long litigation, in 2007 the property was regained by the descendants of the Horváth-Tholdy family.
  • Access

    Mintia is located at 5 km from Deva city. If you are travelling by car from Deva, you need to follow national road nr. E68 towards Arad for around 4 km, then almost at the end of Mintia village you need to cross the rail road and head back towards the Calvinist Church. The castle is located near the church on the Mureș River bank. It is also easy to get to Mintia from Deva by train, the local train station is located in the vicinity of the castle.
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  • Services

    The owners of the castle offer guidance in three languages, and they tell the visitors original stories about the history of the castle. On the first floor of the castle, there are several guest rooms with common bathrooms and toilets, that can accommodate maximum 30 guests. At the moment, there are four bathrooms and 9 toilets available, but new ones will be added in the future. During the summer, the castle garden can be used for camping.
  • Other things to visit

    In Mintia, besides the Gyulay Castle, there is a beautiful Calvinist Church we recommend you to visit. There are several further monument buildings in the region: in Deva, we highly recommend you to visit the recently renovated Fortress of Deva and the Bethlen Castle in the city center. Moreover, the Bornemissza Castle and the Bethlen Castle in Ilia, the Nopcsa Castle in Zam, Lázár Castle in Lăpușneac, Jósika Castle in Brănișca, the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, the Kendeffy Castle in Sântămăria-Orlea are some of the most interesting buildings in the region. Furthermore, the region is highly attractive also due to its natural sights, just to mention a few: the dendrological park from Simeria, the entire historical region of Hațeg, are located at maximum 50 km distance from Mintia.
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