Degenfeld Castle, Cuci
  • Contact information

    Contact Person: Attila Kálmán
    Address: Cuci nr. 260., Mureș County, Romania
  • Short history of the building

    Cuci Castle was built at the initiative of Count Degenfeld Miksa Kristóf. Subsequently, the building was extended with two wings by Degenfeld Lajos in the 20th century. The castle, built in Neo-classic style, has a symmetrical planimetry, being a building with a single level and featuring a portico, supported by columns, in the central axis. This portico leads to the large hall, and from there in the smoking room, conversation room and guest rooms. During the time of Communism, the castle was the headquarters of the CAP (Cooperative Agricultural Production), and then, after the great flood in 1970, the City Hall, the Library and the Police moved into the building. The water supply of the castle was secured by a huge brick tower. In the past, the building was surrounded by a beautiful dendrological park and had two greenhouses. Recently, the castle was returned to the Degenfeld family.
  • Access

    Cuci village is located between Cluj-Napoca and Târgu Mureş, on the E60 road, 9 km from Luduş. The castle is in the center of the village, near the Protestant Church. It can be reached easily by train, as the train station is only 12-minutes walk away.
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  • Other things to visit

    Besides the castle, the Protestant Church is another attraction of the village. Nearby, we recommend visiting the Kornis-Rákóczy Castle in Iernut (at about 6 km away) and Haller Castle in Orga (at 12 km away).
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