Degenfeld Castle, Hodod
  • Function

    Degenfeld Religious, Educational and Cultural Center
  • Contact information

    Contact Person: Tőtös Beáta
    Address: Hodod, Main Street (str. Principală) nr. 199, Satu Mare County, Romania
    Phone: +40 749035745
  • Opening Times

    The castle can be visited upon request. Please address the castle staff via the previous contact information.
  • Short history of the building

    The Degenfeld Castle from Hodod was regained by the descendant of the family in 2006. Until the autumn of 2006, the castle building hosted the local Primary School, which after the restitution process ended, the school has moved into another building. The owner, baron Pál Degenfeld, granted the concession for operating the estate for 39 years to the regional Protestant Church.
  • Access

    Hodod is located at 32 km north of Zalău, 70 km south-east of Satu Mare. From the direction of Zalău, the easiest way to get to Hodod is via national road E81 combined with 110A local road. The Degenfeld Castle is located close to the center of the village.
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  • Services

    The castle is suitable for hosting cultural events. Its maximum capacity is 150 persons.
  • Other things to visit

    In Hodod, there is another beautiful castle called Wesselényi Castle, and the local Protestant and Lutheran Churches are also worth visiting. Nearby, in Lelei village, there is another beautiful Protestant Church, an Orthodox Church in Corund, and other Protestant Churches in Cehu Silvaniei, Acâș and Țeghea villages. Moreover, in Acâș and Mihăieni localities we can recommend you to spend a day at the local thermal spas.
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