Barabássy Manor House, Idrifaia
  • Contact information

    Contact Person: Kálmán Simon
    Address: Idrifaia, Main Street nr. 114D, Mureș County, Romania
    Phone: +40 748584955
  • Opening Times

    The manor house can be visited upon request. For visiting, please contact the manor by phone.
  • Short history of the building

    There is no doubt that the most prestigious inhabitant of Idrifaia was Lénárd Barabássy, the vice-voivode of Transylvania and vicecomes of the Szekler's. In the history of Hungary, he has had the longest as vice-viovode of Transylvania in the period of 1501- 1525, until his death. He was brought up in the court of King Matthias, he was a real educated, conscious Renaissance nobleman. After his death, the estate of Idrifaia was inherited by his great-granddaughter, Kata Barabássy, who married László Daczó from Sfântu Gheorghe. Their only son, János Daczó, the later commander of the region of Ciuc, inherited the property. Having no children of his own, he donated the estate to his stepdaughter, Judit Macskási in 1686, as dowry to her marriage to Count Stephen Bethlen of Ictar. Thus, the Barabássy estate became the property of the Bethlen family of Ictar, who enlarged it and renovated it in Baroque-style in 1745. In 1803, the castle was upgraded with glazed tile stoves, the garden was enhanced by a carved fountain. The Bethlens are also those who constructed the Calvinist Church (1758) on the land behind the manor house, with their own family burial place under it. From 1832 the manor had no permanent inhabitants. The last member of the Bethlen family died in Vienna in 1866 without any successors. After the Treaty of Trianon, in 1921, the Romanian authorities took possession of the estate along with the manor. Later, the manor was also used as the headquarter of the Romanian Gendarmerie. After 1945, a state farm functioned on the estate. The well-kept park and garden around the manor house were abandoned and the building started to deteriorate slowly. After a long bureaucratic process, the estate was regained by the descendants of the Barabássy family, and in 2008 renovation works were started.
  • Access

    Idrifaia is located at 12 km from Transilvania International Airport. If you are traveling by car from this direction, please follow national road nr. 15 leading to Târgu Mureș, then turn right at Ungheni. Then, please continue on county road nr. 151B until you reach Idrifaia. The manor house is located at la 1 km from the center of the village in the direction of Bălăușeri (20 km). Opposite the entrance to the manor there is a large parking space which can host several cars and two busses as well.
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  • Services

    The renovated cellar of the manor can host wine and local brandy tasting events. In the manor house there is possibility to drink coffee, enjoy a meal and there are toilets available for visitors as well. The manor’s garden is suitable for hosting events, such as family meetings, team-building or competitions etc., where dinner can be prepared in cauldron on open-fire. Some of the manor’s rooms are already furnished, which are suitable for hosting balls, exclusive meetings, chamber music concerts, theater shows, scientific lectures in the fields of restoring monument buildings, history, literature and medical sciences for max. 60-80 people. Moreover, the manor can be rented for one-day long business meetings, workshops, meetings or gatherings by a small group of friends or business men. At the moment there are no accommodation places available in the manor house, but in the village there is a so called Dutch House which can host 10-12 guests. In the vicinity of the village there are several guest houses and hotels that we can recommend to you, such as the Romantic Pension in Bălăușeri, which can host 70 guests, or the Valea Verde exclusive resort in Cund, with a capacity of 20-25 guests.
  • Other things to visit

    In Idrifaia, besides the Barabássy manor, we recommend you to visit the Calvinist Church as well. Furthermore, at only 3 km from Idrifaia, in Bahnea, we recommend you to visit the Bethlen Castle and the local Calvinist Church as well. At another 3 km from Bahnea, in Gogan Varolea, there is another Unitarian Church dated from the 13th century, that its worth visiting. The already mentioned Cund village, and the entire region of the Târnava River with its beautiful meadows and forests, is a must see. In the region, we can also recommend you to see the Apaffi Castle in Dumbrăveni, the Villa Vinea Winery in Mica, and the entire Saxon region with its beautiful fortified churches.
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